Our mission is to understand the particular needs of each customer and to help companies solve their production needs with high added value solutions.

We meet the specific needs of our partners, offering highly customized products, designed and developed tailored to each production reality, in order to express the right characteristics and adequate performances while respecting their uniqueness.

Our solid experience in the transformation of copper, silver and aluminium and the technical know-how achieved in every phase of the production of rolled and laminated metal foils, allow us to support our customers in the definition of their needs and in the development of technologically advanced solutions to the highest quality standards.


The Pietro Galliani S.p.A. site at the foot of the Apennines is both a precious resource and a source of awareness of the importance of a correct and respectful environmental policy.

The energy we use comes 100% from an in-house hydroelectric power plant fed by the waters of the Reno river. Our company policies promote sustainability and environmental protection in every operation we carry out.

Our work comes from the elements.
And from the hand of man.
Which has been guiding and harmonising them since the beginning of time.

The Galliani Group

A common vision:
To steer the necessary technological development towards the changing needs of customers and markets.
A common philosophy:
Excellence is the trademark that has enabled our group to steadily grow.
We export Italian excellence to highly specialised markets all over the world.
A common ethic:
Integrity, honesty, fairness and respect for rules and people have always guided our choices and approach.


The company has been successfully producing extruded aluminium profiles and designing aluminium systems for windows and doors for over 30 years.
Today the Company is regarded as the European benchmark in the field of aluminium extrusion, thanks to its outstanding technical expertise and one of the most sophisticated and modern production plants in the industry.


Founded half a century ago, the company manufactures all types of semi-processed metal products.
Today the company is a market leader in the distribution of profiles, bars, rolls and other metal products, and is recognised as a historical player in the Italian metallurgical industry.


Over 100 years of metal processing have made this company a specialised manufacturer of silver and copper alloys and a top-level producer of extruded, drawn and laminated products.
The company has gained a leading position in the European market and has expanded its product range to include solder fluxes, pastes and coated bars.

Plant of Vergato

This plant is our metallurgical production centre. Here we carry out metal melting, rolling and annealing operations, as well as a wide range of surface treatments. The plant houses state-of- the-art equipment within its historical walls, which date back to the end of the 19th century.

Plant of Grizzana Morandi

The Grizzana Morandi plant, 10 km from the Vergato plant, is the centre for processing and transformation of laminates. At this location, we laminate and cut different types of foils, test them in our laboratories and ship them all over the world. Our logistics are also located in this plant: we stock various raw materials and semi- finished products, making fast delivery one of our company’s strengths.