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Aluminium, copper and copper alloy laminated foils.
Copper and non-woven fabric foils.


Aluminium laminates: the most common type of electromagnetic cable shielding. Copper laminates: a high-end cable shielding that guarantees the highest conductor protection. Copper foils: used as ultra-thin tape in flat cables and in the automotive industry.



We accept orders for even the smallest production quantities and guarantee our customers fast and reliable delivery times. We offer customised solutions, designed and developed to express the proper characteristics and suit unique production cycles.


Different alloys available; selection of glues and polymers targeted for specific required ranges of mechanical properties.
Lamination up to 5 layers from 23 my in total; thickness tolerance +/- 5%; 6 – 1000 mm width
Slit pads with a maximum outer diameter of 1 m; coils with a maximum outer diameter of 480 mm (strip length up to 100 km)
Elongation up to 80%; peeling test available
Lubrication with the lowest coefficient of friction and maximum reduction of residues.


More temperature-resistant or sealable within specific temperature ranges combinations of copper types, copper alloys and polymers
Thicknesses from 8 my; thickness tolerance standard +/- 10%; reducible to +/- 5% for special products
Reel length up to 20 km; Maximum outer diameter for slit pads 600mm
Annealed material with R < 260; elongation up to 20% for ultra-thin material (about twice the market standard)
A special annealing process guarantees the absence of oil (measurable in mg/m2); flatness < 5 i-units; the copper side of the laminate is protected with a passivating solution (anti-corrosion protection)

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