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Silver foils, rolled silver-copper foils, other copper alloy foils bare or laminated.


Silver foils: the most widely used metal foil by manufacturers all over the world. Copper alloy foils: used for the particular colour shades in red, brown and gold that these metal foils can reproduce. Ag-Cu laminates: Rolled Ag-Cu foils provides adaptive mechanical properties where very delicate processing is required.



We accept orders for even the smallest production quantities and guarantee our customers fast and reliable delivery times. We offer customised solutions, designed and developed to express the proper characteristics and suit unique production cycles.


Silver with up to 99.99% purity; silver alloys with variable percentages of Cu; impurity control in PPB
Thickness from 8 my; thickness tolerance up to +/- 3%; minimum width 1 mm
Plastic flanges available for each reel; reduced width reels available; customised shapes available on request
Annealed foils with HV < 60; hard foils with HV > 75; mechanical properties with narrow tolerance ranges for special applications
Specular surface with very low surface roughness; the absence of surface impurities guarantees the highest level of polishability; anti-scratch protection film available

Copper Alloy

4 types of brass (CuZn), 2 types of bronze (CuSn), 2 types of nickel silver (CuNiZn) and other special alloys with high heat resistance available
Thicknesses from 8 my; thickness tolerance depending on alloy type
Packaging made of vacuum rolled barrier; on request protection against oxidising agents, barrier bag and other special packaging.
Tensile strength up to > 800 MPa; guaranteed mechanical resistance up to 200°C; high ductility customised according to requirements
Low roughness (< 0.1my Ra); coatings, tin plating and silver plating available on request


Metal-on-metal lamination; different types of adhesives with different degrees of adhesiveness and heat resistance; possibility to make any single metal foil adhesive.
Different combinations depending on the materials used
Coils or slabs available
Deep drawing analysis available through Erichsen test.
Scratch-resistant surface available for applications with a high level of plastic deformation.

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