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Aluminium, copper and copper alloy laminated foils.


Aluminium laminated foils: a material that heats up very quickly and easily adapts to the required shape for heat transfer.
Copper and copper alloy laminated foils: copper provides the best performance among metals in terms of thermal conductivity, while the lamination reinforces its flexibility.



We accept orders for even the smallest production quantities and guarantee our customers fast and reliable delivery times.
We offer customised solutions, designed and developed to express the proper characteristics and suit unique production cycles.


Combinations of copper types, copper alloys and polymers that are more resistant to high temperatures or can be sealed within specific temperature ranges

Thicknesses from a minimum of 8 my; standard thickness tolerance +/- 10%, can be reduced to +/- 5% in special products; minimum width 1mm

Coil length up to 20km; maximum outer diameter for slit pads 600mm

Hard material with R > 350; annealed material with R < 260; special materials available on request (with material uniformity analysis).

Special annealing process ensures absence of oil (measurable in mg/m2); flatness < 5 i-units


Selection of glues and polymers targeted to specific ranges of mechanical properties required

Thickness tolerance +/- 5%; width 6 – 1000mm

Slit pads con max 1m di diametro esterno; bobine con diametro esterno massimo di 480mm (lunghezza del nastro > 100km in alcuni casi)

Elongation up to 80%; peeling test available

High etching capability; surface treatments available on request

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