Pietro Galliani S.pA. Copper tapes

The energy market today

The energy market is in turmoil. In particular, the interconnection sector is exploding. It is recently reported that Prysmian Group has concluded a millionaire contract with Red Elèctrica, the Spanish electricity grid operator, for the development of two projects: an underwater interconnection between Tenerife and La Gomera islands, and another one between the Spanish inland and Ceuta, on African soil. According to Equita, an independent Italian investment bank specialized in financial advice, these agreements alone account for 8% of the total orders expected in 2022.

Land-based cables will be produced in Spain as well, while the submarine ones will be produced in the German and Finnish plants, centers of technological excellence of the group.

Pietro Galliani S.p.A. supports this growing demand for materials to produce cables with its COPPER-PET and BARE COPPER tapes, widely exported to these countries where the production centers of the world’s market leaders are located.